FInally something moves. Inside this Split of Wind.

Jeanne Stauffer-Merle’s book is finally up for purchase. with illustrations by Jessica Seamans throughout. find it as installment 19 in the chaps.

all but dead.

hard to keep your head in it. a few books that have been waiting for the money and the final minutes to come together, meantime — thinking on what is next or maybe… Continue reading

A Pile of New Books.

Finally got up the math booming Spencer/Tadeyeske collaboration from last spring — we’re finally done traveling for a minute and have a few copies on our hands — it’s a pretty labor intensive… Continue reading

Goldstein’s ‘Facts of Light’ Pdf

head over the the Issuu shelf and take a peek of this long out of print jam featuring art work by Melissa K. Dunkelberger.   goldstein’s ‘facts of light’

On the road.

fresh from the midwest small press jam — chels and i are trekking with russell jaffe of strange cage on a STRANGE PLUM MILK tour. currentlyin mpls about to perform at our flow… Continue reading

Just Chill.

Press fest this weekend — piles of work on the table, the floor, the ever-more butttta   fuck it —   tomorrow night in mke this where we be –      … Continue reading

Kathleen Rooney tells us about life.

On a bus trip from Milwaukee back to Ohio today I finished Robinson Alone, and I admit to being entirely taken with it on a whole. It’s been quite a while since a… Continue reading

Everyday Genius (Lotsa Milwaukee) March Issue

Zack Pieper is the March editor at Everyday Genius and has been featuring a lot of rad work from young Milwaukee or Wisconsin folks alongside plenty of noteworthy NYC cats and the like…… Continue reading

Goodbye for now Mr. Molina.

Jason Molina died a few days ago of alcohol related organ failure. I’m usually pretty callous to this sort of departure, but for some strange reason the fact had me crying in a… Continue reading

Lemke interviews herself about “I’m So Into You” — a chap we’ll be building by the summer.

          We’ll be celebrating the release of Dolly Lemke’s little book of dedications entitled “I’m So Into You” during the Midwest Small Press Festival this year in Milwaukee. She’s… Continue reading