thumbprint, facts of light, humdrum #4.

it’s been a moment… i’m terrible at posting here… likely i would keep folks checking it if stuff happened more often. oh well… is what it is. so, we hosted a reading in port huron, mi for the Binge instant press tour with Gina Myers, Robin Brox, and Ashley Niedzwiecki at The Shop… turn out was a little disappointing aside from a special guest from across the state in the form of Michael Sikkema… a pleasure and a half to meet the fellow… anyhow, for the time being we intend to keep attempting a reading series here donned “thumbprint” in reference to the geography of our current existence. we’ll see.

in addition we are working on finishing up Laura Goldstein’s book entitled “facts of light”, it’ll be nice… we would finish it tonight if not for going to the woodward line series in detroit to see Cathy Wagner and Dana Ward… it’s a long drive with much to talk about. anyhow… Goldstein’s book will be celebrated at Ball Hall in chicago on the 24th of may… i’ll try to post up here all the details on the soon… if anyone is listening.

finally… submissions for humdrum #4 are closed… and we’ve been sifting them slowly, should have something by the beginning of june or so… no plans for a celebratory gathering upon completion…. which is a bummer… so we’re taking our sweet time.

hope you’re well… who ever you are.