Plumberries is about to move back to Milwaukee and set up shop in the Laundry Chute this time living alongside Cynthia Spencer. Packing up a load of materials for the next few efforts at the very least, sometime in the next few months should see Drupe Fruits #3, a book by Jeanne Stauffer-Merle, collecting for Humdrum #5, etc. Late night love-dribble with JS Makkos of Hobby Horse/Language Foundry has us scheming a spot to maintain more conversation on handmade chaps and small press sorts, a place for reviews and calls and communications… more on that within the next few months hopefully… in the meantime consider writing up a review or a little article. Apologies for getting back so slowly on all the submissions for Drupe and the manuscripts… by the end of the year should be all caught up and moving. Soon will be making PDF books of Humdrum #2, Macallister Armstrong’s book, maybe Laura Goldstein’s book if she’ll let me, Drupe #1, etc.