been thinking

that the moniker under which this endeavor sails is a bit queso… not sure what to do with that aside from start over. thinking. currently working on the midwest small press festival in Milwaukee on June 1st-3rd. found my way to my first AWP with a backpack full of books for trading, found beautiful work from a new press in Boise called Goodmorning, Menagerie, tons of absolutely gorgeous shit from DoubleCross  including books by Dolly Lemke and Jen Tynes… and spending the majority of my nights at OuterSpace for the Red Rover events curated by Jen Karmin and Laura Goldstein.

Berries will be finishing a literary/audio offering by Luis Humberto Valadez, Drupe Fruits #3, and Humdrum #5 within the next month. Opening up the reading for Drupe Fruits #4 and perhaps another manuscript reading period in May/June after books by Ari Feld and Jeanne Merle-Stauffer are finished. yeah, so… you know i’m posting here just to give the impression that this is not a dead zone, an impression which may or may not be true. as it is. here we go.

More Shit SOON!!