Finally getting back on the ball ya’ll.

Meaning we posted a bunch of books including collaborative books by edwin r. perry and chelsea tadeyeske, and FIN by the velvet in between collective of milwaukee… in addition to chapbook and cd by Luis Humberto Valadez packaged together as Valid Lush, HEELDRAGGER by plumberries compatriot and milwaukee based poetess powerhouse Chelsea Tadeyeske, and finally… Drupe Fruits #3 including work by Sarah Fox, Catherine Wagner, Cynthia Spencer, A. T. Grant, Parker Tettleton and more.

very excited about this batch… we implore you explore them, you’ll find some deals on milwaukee bundles, etc… visit Spencer, Vibe, or Tadeyeske‘s pages for the details on that. We’ll be working out some more of those sorts of things in the near future… in addition to finally getting the site more vibrant with Humdrum #2, Goldstein, and Armstrong’s books in the near future.