Gritty Silk – A call for Collaborative Work

Gritty Silk is poised to be a bi-annual journal of collaborative work with an interest in the break down of singular authorship and the development of functional creative exchange within a “poetic” community. Our tastes at the outset are most certainly bent toward the wonderfully surreal but tactile: work which re-envisions the mundane, explores outsider status and alternative voice(s), and/or refuses overtly rational ideas of “meaning” found in easily digestable artistic production. We are asking for 1-5 pieces of collaborative poetry, poetic prose, fictional hybrids, visual work, or any other experimental forms you might be inspired to sculpt with one another. These pieces may exist singularly but we encourage explorations of seriality. It is favorable to submit work that is conscious of itself: work which defies logical sensibility, but still carries a kind of intrinsic coherence. We encourage you to explore experimental formats (whatever that phrase inspires within you) to allow form and structure to mirror and augment voice, intent and resonance. But foremost, do it with someone(s) else.



So again: please submit 1-5 pieces of collaborative poetry, poetic prose, fiction hybrids, visual and experimental forms, etc. etc. in the body of an email, word document, PDF, PSD, or TIFF file(s) if the pieces entail extensive formatting or are visual in nature (ideally they would be sized at roughly half a page with at least 160dpi, transparent backgrounds would make our lives easier as well if you can get it in a TIFF or PSD format), along with a creative but concise, collective bio. (Things we’d be interested in knowing, whether you put it directly in your collective bio or not, would be things like: from where you hail, what is the relationship between you, what was the process of collaboration, etc) Submissions should be sent to on or before December, 1st, 2012 for the January 2013 issue.