11. chelsea tadeyeske

“I need to read more Chelsea Tadeyeske right away. HEELDRAGGER is a
sequence of deathy bedtime poems, humorous, aware of the page as
space, pressing against it; there’s violent scent and body here, and
Mathew Gasparek’s images are knowing and funny and worrying, a fine
match for the sequence, as is the book’s construction. The
whole has a dark, smart, sisterly tone. It all makes for a damn
desirable chapbook.”

-Cathy Wagner (Author of three books on FENCE, and recently Nervous Device on City Lights Books)

HEELDRAGGER is a 32pg. observation of impasse. finely distilled work which crawls and climbs and creeps around the ideas of apathy and inertia, inactivity and self-effacement. the book is full of powerful images which do not fail to illicit very palpable emotional response. the work is spacious and reverberating, utilizing a variety of formats to box and stretch and bend.

Hand-sewn and laser printed on satin finished cover-stock and interior papers with collages by Mathew Gasparek. Finished in Milwaukee, WI for the 1st Annual Midwest Small Press Festival • June 2012.

Chelsea Tadeyeske is a native of Milwaukee, WI. A burgeoning performer, curator, editor and book-maker born in the year of the snake. She is currently seeking penpals.

$5 includes shipping

$10 – Milwaukee Women Package ——- FINin what sequence…, & HEELDRAGGER

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