Drupe Fruits.

drupe fruits is a bi-annual journal celebrating the power and beauty of the prose poem… a form harnessing both the narrative function, commonality, and accessibility of the paragraph and the brevity, distillation, symbolism, and abstraction of poetry to produce gems of amalgamation.

keeping with an interest in the surreal or wonderfully abstracted, drupe fruits is a journal exclusively of prose poems exercising a brevity of 200 words or less.

again, the appeal to the form comes from its narrative possibility coupled with its poetic thrift and attention, its acknowledgement of the paragraph as an innately distilled form, and for an acknowledgment of the natural cadence and musicality of language even without line breaks, and blank space common of poetic work.

to submit:

so, please do send prose poems of 200 words or less to plumberriespress@gmail.com for consideration by oct. 1st for the 3rd issue.

ideally. please include work in the body of an e-mail… but if you must attach, NEVER send .docx files… as well as a brief, saucy bio… something candid is preferred to a list of places you’ve published… although i would like to know that as well.