Humble Humdrum Cotton Frock.

“humble humdrum cotton frock: a twlight teeter through organic esoterics” is a bi-annual journal started in nov. 2009. the editors have coined the phrase “organic esoterics” for the purpose of the endeavor, a phrase very much up for interpretation but hinging on surrealism, symbolism, and abstraction of an emotive or organic nature. the phrase is to exclude works bordering journalism, standard narratives, or excessive erudition. humdrum is most interested in short, strange writings, be they whatever form… including graphic and visual poems, dialogues or one page sketches, standard left aligned poems, works of short prose, or hybrids of any sort.

to submit:

please send 1-5 pieces in the body of an e-mail or, say if formatting needs be retained, as any attachment other than .docx, .pdf for visual and graphic poems is generally alright as well, to, please include a short, candid bio… and please include at least part of the title of the journal in the title of the e-mail. we read all year… issues come to life in the fall and the spring usually. you will likely get invited to come and read where-ever the press (or proprietor) happens to be living at any given time… so, anticipate that, i guess. we look forward to seeing your work.


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