Sean Kilpatrick’s Sucker June from The Volta

Sean is coming to visit Ohio in March. Probably not for the faint hearted. There are two other pieces to this is you search it up on the tube.   Advertisements

A bit from Pagel’s Twice Told.

holy VOLTA!!!! All hail Pagel

TAC from the Mitten.

We had the privilege recently to trek out on a bus to ypsilanti michigan, and after turning down a threesome with a splendid boy in ann arbor the night before, we were all… Continue reading

A short film by Steve Lansky and Co.

We’re thinking about multi-media up in this ugly, and wanted to share animated charlie chan spoof for the new year by steve lansky and company… although it might be ever so slightly culturally… Continue reading

Treat yourself to some free k. bowen

Sundress is an amazing (mostly) women-run press… and they’ve recently graced us with Kristy Bowen’s “I Hate You James Franco” as a free e-chap… highly suggested. enjoy yourself for a while in the… Continue reading

A video of Shane Book from a few Months Back.

this piece is great, blend of hip hop lyrics, some found text from a plantation house, etc. chex it suckas. 

What Cathy Wagner has to say about Tadeyeske’s HEELDRAGGER

“I need to read more Chelsea Tadeyeske right away. HEELDRAGGER is a sequence of deathy bedtime poems, humorous, aware of the page as space, pressing against it; there’s violent scent and body here,… Continue reading

Gritty Silk – A call for Collaborative Work

Gritty Silk is poised to be a bi-annual journal of collaborative work with an interest in the break down of singular authorship and the development of functional creative exchange within a “poetic” community.… Continue reading

HHCF #1-5 for your chewing

new policy at PB: all productions will be made into PDF books and hosted for free… starting with Humdrum #1-5 which you can find here – or just search for them at hope… Continue reading

HummmmmmmDrrrummmm nuuummmberrr 5

is finally up on this fucking webplace… we’ve had it made for most of the summer and have been peddling it on a face to face, got it stashed in a few bookstores… Continue reading