fixed it up some…

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This format

is super dull… going to try to spice it up on the soon. Moved to Ohio and feeling real stifled by the over-wrought decorum round here… everybody’s all married and mostly boring as… Continue reading

Anybody want to review some of these beauties?

We really want to know what you’ve got to say… so does the rest of the world. We’d be willing to return the favor… let’s swap books… send missives to

Olszewska’s “cloudfang : : cakedirt” from Horseless

be aware!! Horseless is amazing and Olszewska ain’t no joke either. Cheers to both for making this happen, and cheers to us for the wanting our grubs on it… GO GET THAT FUCKER.… Continue reading

Finally getting back on the ball ya’ll.

Meaning we posted a bunch of books including collaborative books by edwin r. perry and chelsea tadeyeske, and FIN by the velvet in between collective of milwaukee… in addition to chapbook and cd… Continue reading

been thinking

that the moniker under which this endeavor sails is a bit queso… not sure what to do with that aside from start over. thinking. currently working on the midwest small press festivalĀ in Milwaukee… Continue reading


Plumberries is about to move back to Milwaukee and set up shop in the Laundry Chute this time living alongside Cynthia Spencer. Packing up a load of materials for the next few efforts… Continue reading

incessant traveling. post from the post.

a missive from Kalamazoo to say, apologies for any poor bloke who might’ve been waiting to hear anything, likely not a fool in the whole wide wicked whirl… but in case, story is:… Continue reading

Behreandt’s “Wilhelm Scream” and Humble Humdrum #4 are up for the purchasing.

do refer to the chapbooks series section for installment #7, Jeremy Behreandt’s “the Wilhelm Scream”… a book of cards traveling in an envelope. we will be celebrating the birth of it in milwaukee… Continue reading

review of olszewska’s “halfsteps + cloudfang” at vernacular

check it. vernacular lit. blogĀ